Hostius Copiam


This transcription was recorded by an Arbites Lexical Servitor on the Evening of [REDACTED}

On the Feast Day of [PURGATUS] Site XCVII was placed assault by a small unit of approximately XXX citizens of the local population. This attack was detected quickly as it appears that no-attempt was made to conceal it and the suspects initial charge was anticipated by several liturgical chants being played on what was later found to be a crude salvaged Vox projection system. The assailants appeared to be for the most part members of the puritan splinter faction “The Order of Worms”, an offworld group which seems to be entirely made up of destitute and bond-less hivers and former gang members. It is unknown how members of this seemingly destitute organization was able to hear of, let alone reach, the site but investigation is ongoing.

The attack was quelled expediently, but it is worth noting the conviction of the members: the majority refused to be taken prisoner and were remarkably fortuitous. Post-mortem crainophages and arbites interviewers were able to determine were under the impression that the secrecy surrounding Site XCVII was the work of an incipient chaos cult. Crude wards and tokens were strewn about the site of conflict which correspond to liturgies and signs from the crudest of ecclestical volumes similar to the versions disseminated into the lowest ranks of hive worlds.

Of the assailants IV were captured by attendant members at the site, and of that number only I remains live in captivity. His description follows.

The subject claims to be named “Hostius Copiam” – a bastardized use of High Gothic words for supply and hostility, Lexical drones have been able to determine only one such person with that name, who was registered as an initiate in the clergy on a low ranking area of the hiveworld. Clues suggested in interviews have suggested that he was of hive origin himself and was orphaned at a young age by an unannounced demolition at his parent’s manufactorum post. He then was moved to a small parish inside a hive complex where he was raised as an enforcer to protect the church their from roving gangers, and gained a reputation for absolute faith and ferocity. After this he was initated into the “Order of Worms” and began preaching in the most impoverished areas often rallying small militias of scum such as those who he attacked the facility with to make raids on much more heavily armed ganger posts. These met with moderate success. It is unknown how Hostius or any of his compatriots left their homeworld of [REDACTED] but the most up to date thing we know of him is rather uncertain. We know that a man of similar description was involved in a raid on a cult which was intercepted by a similar operation of a small tactical guardsman unit. Hostius has described an incident similar to this one many times during his interrogation so there may be a link. This incident may be related to the totem which Hostius expresses so much passion for but as of yet this is unclear.

Physical Description:
The Subject is of tall hight and of a wiry but surprisingly muscled physique which is somehow maintained despite his obvious destitution.
The subject has several distinctive scars along the brow which have halted hairgrowth in that area, and appears to have no teeth.
He was found with a hooded robe made of corpestarch thread, a chainsword which was since placed into rusted disrepair and note consisting of 300 thrones worth of ecclestical payment and several grenades.
In addition He posseses a totem charm of what appears to be a shrunken head in an imperial guard helmet. The subject is transfixed with this object and claims that it is a saintly relic that speaks to him. He is being investigated for psychic phenomena.

Interview Exerpt:
Arbites: – How did you gain knowledge of the goings on at [Location Expunged]

H- “I do not wish to answer your question for I have my own question: What is the meaning of this fool! HOW DARE THE! Do you not feel love for the emperor? Do you not tremble at his wrath? Why then do you halt the labour of his servant? As Saint Agathegion1 said in his lecture before the armies of Armageddon “ALLOW ONLY THE SERVANT OF THE EMPEROR TO PASS”. You are the stubborn grox that held Micadaeus the pious from his sacred work2. HOW DARE THE. I WILL DESTROY ALL THE FOES OF THE EMPEROR..

(After the second question the subject was restrained and sedated.)

Final Notes:
Enrollment is in progress.

Hostius Copiam

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